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Islamic & Ansar Co-operative Housing

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(Islamic Insurance)

Choose the solidarity and security that Takaful provides

Take advantage of a quality Auto and Home insurance program (Takaful) that adheres to the principles of Shari’ah as follows:

Takaful is an insurance program where the premiums you pay are invested in a Shari’ah complaint investment pool, with the objective of upholding and enhancing the mutual benefits of participating policyholders. 

Friendly reminder to all members of the Ansar and Islamic Co-operative Housing Corporation, to consider the Takaful Group Auto and Home Insurance Program offered by The Co-operators Insurance Group as a joint effort with your Co-operatives and Qurtuba Housing of Montreal.

  • A wide range of discounts on group Auto and Home insurance
  • All Co-ops Takaful Policy holders are eligible for participation reward
  • 24/7 OneStepTM claims service and emergency assistance
  • Dependable coverage and service
  • A free Legal Assistance helpline with guidance from qualified lawyers for Co-operators property insurance clients

The Co-operators Group Auto and Home insurance program is for Islamic and Ansar Co-operative (Takaful) members only.


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