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ACHC Associate Membership is eliminated

Pursuant to the amendment in the Ansar Co-operative Housing Corporation’s Bylaws approved by the General Body last year, the Board has eliminated the Associate Membership category effective July 1, 2009.

Almost all shares held in ACHC by ICHC members have been transferred to ICHC. Those ICHC Members who have not yet surrendered their ACHC shares are reminded to immediately send them to the office so that they can be replaced with ICHC shares effective January 1, 2009 and they can continue to receive Dividend on those shares for full year from ICHC.

Any ICHC member who wishes to become a full member of ACHC can make a new application with $675 by using ACHC application that can be downloaded from the website. Once approved by the Board, they will be assigned a new membership number starting with 8,000 in ACHC. This unique membership number will identify that they are members in both Co-operatives and that they may not be mailed same printed material twice. This will save us printing and mailing cost.